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Dear IT Company Sales Director,

Many smaller technology-related companies I’ve worked with have great technologies (often with patents, etc.), but weak marketing. It’s the left-brain/right-brain problem.

And sometimes, even when an outside expensive marketing company is brought in to help, the result is beautiful-looking marketing material—which misses the point.

I’m a technologist who’s worked for big brands, most recently for adidas. If your company’s marketing could be improved, I think I can assist you, for example by helping you put together a “core sales pitch presentation” which

lays out the value proposition and differentiators of your company
answers the question "Why your company, instead of one of the competitors?”
shows in easy-to-grasp terms all the functions of your offering suite
tells a story (and tells success stories)
shows a mock-up demo of key useful functionality (goal is to get audience to say "wow!")
presents end-to-end packages (including ROI analysis, consultation, software, hosting, after-care, etc.)
caters the presentation to sector being pitched to
shows how ROI and payback has been achieved using your product
and does this all with style and good design—part of branding your company.

To come up with this pitch, we’ll need to review your strategy, growth plans, target markets, core values and competencies, pricing, packaging, etc. —mainly for me to understand them, but also to confirm and perhaps clarify, if and as necessary.

And if you’d like, we’ll take this pitch and use it as the basis for overhauling your web site!


Dan Carew


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