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While in most cases, businesses have very specific needs requiring a custom-tailored proposal, management consulting is not rocket science and few problems are unique. In the spirit of breaking it down, here are a few “packages” we’ve successfully offered in the past and offer to all now.

Package Target User
Deliverable Cost
Half-day needs assessment and frank discussion Anyone needing an IT-related consultant If, at the end of the half day, both parties feel Kanda River could help, a written proposal within 3 business days. None/gratis
"Critique and Action Plan" for troubled projects Businesses with IT projects over-budget, with late milestones & malaise Give us 72 hours with access to all project stakeholders and documentation and we’ll give you a “Project Critique and Action Plan” that we bet will save you lots of money and headaches. US$6,000
"Core Sales Pitch" Development Businesses with excellent IT product or service but poor marketing, without compelling pitch and pizzazz In 10 days with management and salespeople (including facilitated workshops), hone or re-align core value proposition, identity, target market, positioning, service/product line—for 20-30 slide logical/emotional “Core Sales Pitch” with compelling charts, clear offering and memorable taglines stressing “why choose us over our competitors” + ROI US$12,000
1 As a matter of course, we sign NDAs for all companies we work with, protecting their IP and corporate internal matters.
2 All costs subject to consultant availability and may change at any time.
3 Rates do not include expenses. Nor do they include travel, meals and accommodation for projects outside of Hong Kong.
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