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Kanda River Limited is a Hong Kong-based IT consultancy, launched by Dan Carew in 2007. Dan has extensive experience in Japan and a proven track record at large international companies* for getting IT projects back on track – and on-time, on-budget delivery. His strengths are straight talk (in several languages), out-of-the box creative thinking and team-building. (See, for example, Dan's blog.) Dan has a network of partner consultants across Asia and North America, and thus the capacity to pull together a larger team.

IT projects sit on a tripod of people, processes and systems. If you need a CIO-at-large competent with all three, talk to Dan.

Able to translate techno-babble with ease. Abreast of the latest technology – so, e.g., you can get both Web 2.0 and ROI in the same project. But with the capacity to talk to people vertically and horizontally across your organization to give you the big picture. And leadership skills to lead the charge and give you the deliverables, complete with KPIs, once a strategy is decided.

Dan focuses on IT for big brands. And branding for smaller IT-related companies.

We offer:  
IT Consulting & Coaching
Project Management & Project "Rebooting"
Web 2.0 Expertise
Finance/Banking System Experience
Branding and Business Analysis, Strategy, and Presentation
CRM & Loyalty Design / Retail IT
* adidas, Thomson Financial and NikkoCitiTrust
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